Ultrasonic Diffuser

The LeRêve Ultrasonic Diffuser combines contemporary design with cutting-edge, four-in-one technology to enhance overall health and wellbeing:

• Essential Oil Diffuser – diffuses essential oil molecules in their purest form for inhalation
• Air Purifier – releases anions, which combat dust and air impurities, to assist healthy breathing
• Ioniser – creates negative ions, which protect against germs and increase oxygen to the brain
• Humidifier – disperses moisture in the air to counter drying effects of air-conditioning

Features a large 400mL water tank with two-setting mist volume adjustment and automatic switch-off functionality. Sleek in design, the attractive LED belt doubles as a night light with fixed or changing colours. When in use, a fine mist of essential oil molecules is released in its purest form for optimal absorption. With up to 16 hours of operation from one filled tank, it’s perfect for use all day or night in the home or office.

12-month warranty


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Anna K
30 Nov 2019

Have one in my lounge and one in my bedroom. Will buy one for daughter's room next. Best diffuser hands down!

trina Y
16 Oct 2019

Great luv the oil blends that u can use

Lizzie Robinson
28 Mar 2019

The ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER has absolutely changed my life! In my 10 years of parenting, every winter without fail we have had doctors appointments, scripts for steroids and ambulance rides to the hospital for all 3 of my children suffering from respiratory problems and croup. Last winter was the 1st winter we have gotten through with no doctors, no scripts, no hospital trips and NO CROUP which feels like a miracle. I absolutely without a doubt know that this is because my children each have an ultrasonic diffuser in their room. At night we pop it on, generally with the Breathe Easy oil, they sleep better, they no longer cough all night and we are all sleeping better as a result. Not to mention it has helped my husbands hayfever symptoms and snoring, sleep all round, praise the lord!! I have always been a perfume fanatic but nothing compares to LeReve PARFUM CONCENTRATE. 5 years ago I was introduced to it by a family member and now I cant bring myself to wear anything but LeReve. What other perfume can you spray in the morning and still smell it later in the day? I may leave the house at 8.30am but I’m still getting compliments at 5pm because I smell so good! My old faithful and most favourite is D03 in the direction of Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior, I love a few others but I always come back to D03, it just feels like home for me. I also love that I can buy better quality parfums at such an affordable price, really whats not to love. We all deserve to smell gorgeous and with LeReve we can all afford to!

Ashleigh Johns
28 Mar 2019

Lereves ultra sonic diffuser is a life changing! My daughter use to go to hospital in the colder months due to asthma and crops often! Once I discovered the breath easy and the ultra sonic we have (touchwood) not been back to hospital for respiratory issues since!! LOVE IT!

Kiri Longworth
28 Mar 2019

My absolute must-have, couldn’t-live-without, most favourite and valuable LeReve product is the Ultrasonic Diffuser. To have a 4-in-1 functioning machine (we have five in our house thanks to consultant perks) and the highest quality and therapeutic grade essential oils to help with health and wellbeing that benefits the whole family is the best investment we have ever made. Helps with the kids ills and chills, their sleep but most importantly it creates a harmonious environment and mood for us all!

Tracey Haldane
20 Mar 2019

This sleek machine is awesome. Yes, it has the technical info of how it works wonders, but I like how simple it is to use and very efficient. I only need to fill it up to the max line with cold water and add either add 3-6 drops of Le Reve's amazing TGA approved pure essential oils or a combination of 10 drops of Le Reve's beneficial TGA approved individual pure essential oils. My family and I can then breathe in and benefit for 11 hours on high mist or 16 hours on low mist. Once I have started the sonic diffuser we don't have to worry about remembering to turn it off because it is super safe and will automatically turn off when the water runs out. I really like that it works off a vibration process because the cold water I put in stays cold all the time, so it is super safe around young children with no fear of hot water spilling as there is no hot water! I like my bedroom to be dark when I sleep so I turn the light mode off, yet my daughter likes to choose which colour night light she will have from her sonic diffuser every night, including the alternating option of all the colours of the rainbow. Before we even add the oils to the sonic diffuser I am amazed by its great benefits; as it is an air purifier and ioniser as well as adding a little moisture into the air to combat the drying side effects of air conditioning. Plus I have my choice of amazing, beneficial pure essential oils being diffused into the air in the purest form for best absorption.

Stephanie Rich
20 Mar 2019

I have had my diffuser since November 2017 and I have never had such incredible sleep, also my partner has stopped grinding his teeth and snoring!!

Astrid Tarasiewicz
20 Mar 2019

In my opinion this diffuser is the ultimate diffuser,the large tank is a great feature along with adjustable mister it can be used in any room of the home. It's safe for children's room with automatic shut off and can also be used as a wonderful night light. It's the best and safest way to purify and diffuse your oils Every house needs one of these beasts!

Rebecca Kay
20 Mar 2019

One of the products I love is the ultrasonic diffuser as there is so many benefits to this product. I put it on every night before I go to sleep as it sets the environment of a restful quiet night. The lights that change colour just add relaxing energies to help our brain shut off. This ultrasonic helps with our energy levels the next day. We love having one and I think that everyone needs one in there house as the essential oils are amazing that get pushed around in the air from the diffuser. I take it on holidays and I really notice a difference sleeping with it on. It also makes it easier in the mornings because I don't have to turn it off. I just let it keep going until it auto turns off and not have to worry about it so I can get on with my day. My partner has asthma and I sometimes have sinus problems and it has made a massive difference to the house. One thing that I have to pick on is that the ultrasonic is white and it is very easy to get dirty. It would be good if it came in a different colour.

Kelly Campbell
20 Mar 2019

The first night I used our Ultrasonic Diffuser it had such a huge impact on our family! We use the breath easy oil blend, my son stopped coughing instantly & my husband wasn’t snoring. I seemed to good to be true! You feel so much less congested in the morning & you truly seem to breath easier. We have had our sonic diffuser next to our bed for 3 years & for me personally, I have never had seasonal asthma again, my youngest son has never had croup again & my kids hardly ever fall unwell & I owe it all to our Ultrasonic Diffuser! Best investment ever!!

Kelly Campbell
20 Mar 2019

The first night I used our Ultrasonic Diffuser it had such a huge impact on our family! We use the Breathe Easy Oil Blend, my son stopped coughing instantly & my husband wasn’t snoring

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