Top 11 Perfume Facts



  1. How long a fragrance will last on the skin depends on the wearer. Oily skin retains perfume longer than dry skin, so less should be used.
  2. More perfume can be worn in cold weather. Its staying power is lessened by cold and intensified by warmth.
  3. Only test 3 or 4 different fragrances at one time. After smelling a number of different scents the nose will become fatigued and distort the scent.
  4. Avoid smelling the fragrance immediately after applying it as the true scent of the top notes is interfered with by the sudden volatile rush of alcohol. It is best to wait for 60 seconds or so after the perfume has been sprayed and then experience it.
  5. Never smell directly from the bottle for the same reason.
  6. Perfume is never exactly the same on any two people. Body chemistry alters the scent to make it unique to each individual.
  7. Apply to pulse points – the warmth of the body allows the fragrance to develop.
  8. If possible avoid applying with fingers directly from the bottle as this allows bacteria and skin oils to enter the bottle, causing the perfume to deteriorate from its original scent.
  9. Perfume should be kept away from heat, light, and air. They adversely affect the scent. Once the bottle is opened it should preferably be used up within one year.
  10. Never wear perfume while sunbathing. Some perfume oils will react with ultra violet rays from the sun to cause skin discolouration.
  11. Constantly wearing any one fragrance causes ‘nose fatigue’ to that fragrance, which can result in overuse.


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