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My 7 year old son suffers from asthma and hay fever, particularly in the Spring and Summer. For his asthma he went from using a ventolin inhaler occasionally to using a steroid inhaler morning and night, which was quite distressing to me as a mum.

Having been introduced to the LeRêve Breathe Easy aromatherapy blend was a revelation to say the least.

Morning and night, I rub the Breathe Easy blend onto my son’s chest and he tells me that he can breathe better almost instantly. He has been using the Breathe Easy aromatherapy blend now for 4 months. There have been a few occasions when we have had to use the inhaler and the claratyne, but I could count them on one hand where it used to be our daily routine.

My son now goes to bed with the Breathe Easy diffusing in his room with an oil burner and I am not up in the middle of the night pumping him with chemicals and drugs which I’m not sure of what harm they could be doing to his body and health.

I love that the aromatherapy is natural and it works! I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Susan S, Happy LeRêve Customer
Customer of Krissy Kelly, VIC


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