Fragrance Families

All fragrances can be divided into families, indicating the overall fragrance impression on which all the fragrance notes are structured. The fragrance families hold the key to each person’s dislikes, likes and loves.

There are four main families of fine fragrances – Floral, Ambery, Fresh, Woody.





Can’t walk past a florist shop without slowing down, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath? Roses, jasmine, lily, frangipani... If these are the scents your dreams are made of, look for fragrances in the Floral family.

From the LeRêve range:





Vanilla and musk, incense and cinnamon – opulent, sweet and warm... If these sensual notes are what you are drawn to, then you’ll be spellbound by fragrances in the Ambery family.

From the LeRêve range:





Tropical fruits, citrus juices, cool herbs and ocean spray… If these mouth-watering scents invigorate you, then you’ll love fragrances in the Fresh family.

From the LeRêve range:





Cedarwood and sandalwood, earthy, mossy or leathery… If these scents define your style, then you’ll love fragrances from the Woody family.

From the LeRêve range:


Fragrance family information sourced from Michael Edwards “Fragrances of the World”




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