Dear Valued LeRêve Customer,


We are most grateful for your support of our business during this unusual time. Our timeless objective is to provide you with quality service and amazing products in return for your custom and loyalty.

Like many businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand, COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our ability to supply our much-loved products in a timely manner.

The obstacles that we have been dealing with include a world-wide shortage of cosmetic alcohol that is used to make our perfumes, with existing supplies understandably diverted by governments for the production of hand sanitiser; the shutdown for two months of all manufacturing in China which affected some of our supply chains for primary and secondary product packaging as well as Ultrasonic Diffusers; the international slow-down of all freight movement whether by sea or air including the recent industrial action on the Sydney wharf which caused us lengthy delays; and other related local labour force challenges which have made product manufacturing difficult.

The necessary restrictions imposed in Victoria have impacted us further, as many of our products are manufactured in Victoria. 

Although most of our products are in stock and available for order, a number of our products have been out of stock for quite some time, particularly our Fragranced Candles and Reed Diffusers. We don’t have exact information as to when many of these products are due back in stock because the landscape changes daily, however manufacturing has begun on more Candles and Reeds and other 'out of stock' products are expected in this month. We have been and still are working around the clock to resolve all our issues and will be most grateful if you will extend your patience in our favour.

Our LeRêve Consultants are doing their very best for you but unfortunately there is nothing they can do to contribute to solutions but wait for the Company to provide those solutions. If you have questions about your order, we encourage you to check with your Consultant if you shop that way, or to contact us if you shop directly online.

Again, we thank you for your supporting our business and promise to do our best to restore a quality service to you.


With gratitude… the LeRêve Team.



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