100% Natural & Plant Derived

The LeRêve product evolution has always had its roots deep within the natural world. In 1995 LeRêve introduced Australian and New Zealand consumers to the wonders of Aromatherapy – the healing science of pure essential oils. It was little known anywhere until then. We were pioneers. Now we introduce a revolution…

A 100% natural and plant derived Skincare range that for the first time delivers results as effectively as the finest synthetic skincare ranges on the planet.

A world first – made possible by the vast increase in international research and development of natural ingredients over the last three years. Because today’s consumer is highly educated and environmentally motivated and no longer wants synthetic skincare that performs or natural skincare that doesn’t.

Five years in the making, utilising a team of internationally world-renowned formulating chemists partnered by twelve international ingredient research and development organisations, employing collectively over 500 in-house scientists, LeRêve’s Bio-Scientific Skincare breaks the barriers with all-natural formulations that deliver premium results.

Most skincare ranges are built around one ‘hero’ ingredient. Ours contains 39 powerful hero ingredients that synergise to deliver remarkable age-reducing facial transformation.

This unisex skincare collection is not for everyone. It will only appeal to the consumer who is prepared to invest in and appreciate the finest facial skincare solutions available in the world.

Welcome to a new world of personal care.

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